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Wish you were there: postcards as art and communication

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The buying and sending of postcards was once a feature of every trip, from a short break to a long vacation and, although most tourist destinations feature squeaky racks of curling cards, fewer and fewer still make a point of sending them. Nonetheless, the postcard has always offered extraordinary opportunities for communication, not least for artists.

The World exists to be put on a Postcard, a new book, and exhibition at London’s British Museum, looks at the art of the postcard from the 1960s to the present day, based on the collection of auctioneer, writer, art historian and antiques dealer Jeremy Cooper.

Through works by artists from Gilbert and George to Yoko Ono, Carl Andre to Rachel Whiteread, and activist collectives GalGran Fury to the Guerrilla Girls, the results are both a mini-art history lesson, and a snapshot of the concerns of a pre-Instagram era: modern, and yet somehow quaintly dated.

The artists in Cooper’s collection are not those who make work to seduce you with its beauty. Instead, they are aggressive, subversive, satirical, witty, scratchy, self-promoting, angry, and frequently wise.

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