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The 10 Most Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases

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An advertising material without a call-to-action is like a nice fairy-tale. It's like sales without closing. You inform your prospect but there is no end result. In this blog post you will learn probably the 10 most powerful call-to-action phrases which will help you to get the end result of any advertisement: ACTION. Whether it's sales, newsletter sign up, asking for a quote it doesn't matter: You need to tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do!

10 most powerful call-to-action phrases

First of all: What is Call-to-action?

Call-to-actions are thoughtfully created texts, that encourage your customer to take a certain action. 

So the first vital step: Decide what you want from your customers. Have you just created a flyer to get more people visiting your website? Ask them to do that! Do you have a free trial offer? Tell them to avail of it. Have you just opened a new shop? Ask them to pay a visit.

A recent study revealed a whopping difference in the results of customers completing a task, depending whether there was call-to-action used or not. Although the study was conducted online (call-to-actions on a website) – the result is valid for an offline (e.g. flyer-campaign) as well.

Powerful action words provided 72% success in completing the required task, while a missing call- to-action led to a tiny 6% response.

As you can see from the above, any piece of  promotional material without a powerful call-to-action is a waste of time, and most importantly, waste of your precious marketing-budget.

So here are 10 examples of the Wrong and the Right Call-to-action phrases:

Try it Free!
Sign Up for your free trial now!
Free Trial
Join Now!
Start Now!
We are open
Talk to an expert@

We are experts in...
Sign up online at...
Learn more about us at...
Our website...
Order now while stocks last

We have big stock
Call us now!
Just reach for your phone!
Our phone number is...
Mail your order today!

We accept mail orders
Call us now to schedule an appointment!

Appointments can be scheduled at...
Reserve your spot now!

Limited places
Offer expires on

Special Offer

As you can see above, your wording has to literally make people to act in the way you want them to. You cannot be shy to use the imperative mood of the verbs. That's not unpolite, if that was your consideration. If you want more than entertaining people when creating your  postersleaflets, etc, then you have to be clever and use powerful call-to-action phrases.

Homework: Add call-to-action phrases to all of your marketing materials!

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