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​Emotions & Marketing - Why People Buy from You?

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I came across a poster yesterday, with so much text on it, that a novelist would write an admiration note to the designer. Have you ever seen a flyer like that? You know the one which uses small fonts and provides so much information, that you don't even attempt to read it.

After looking at that poster, I felt that I had to write about this topic, to make sure you, as a business owner, will not make this same mistake.

Do you have a lot of information to tell to your customer? Okay, I can understand that. But the question is: What's your goal with that flyer or poster? You want to get that person looking at it to buy from you, or come along to your event, or visit your website, etc. What's the most important step? To grab and hold their attention!Emotions and Marketing - Can you grab attention?

Scientists say that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text (source: Inc.com). We can sit down and argue on that, we believe it, or we don't, but just think about this for a second: If you look at a picture, that immediately creates a feeling in you: you either like it or not. It takes only a fraction of a second. If you see a text, then you first have to make the decision to read it, and only after that you start reading it – and then eventually you get the information, and get the message.

Can you see how much longer it takes to impress somebody with a text rather than with an image? I hope it makes sense.

Think about the whole process like levels in achieving the end result of the poster or flyer: the person calling you, or going to your website etc.

Level 1:

We want to create an emotion in the person looking at our poster or flyer – in a fraction of a second. We want them to ask: What's this? Believe me – this is 50% of the job, if not more. The person either asks this question, or looks away disinterested.

Level 2:

If your poster or flyer got to this step, you've done a great job with your artwork. Level 2 is reading the headline and the highlighted parts of your promo material. We are already at the text part – which is great – but here we can still make or break the deal. With the highlighted parts you should increase even more the person's interest, teasing them – and that's the part where you should talk about them: about their problem or their desire – therefore getting them even more interested.

Level 3:

If your flyer or poster got to this level – meaning that the person is still looking at it – then you won the game! - you can provide more info here, but only the necessary information, and you can direct them to your website or ask them to call you.

The only way to get to the 3rd only happen if you use the right image and the right colours (read more about colours here), with the minimum possible text. If you are still not convinced, think about all the information-overload we receive nowadays. Do you think people will read all their emails, go through all the flyers received, or read all posters they see on their way, read every article? Of course not – it is impossible. So there you have that fraction of a second to grab the person's attention – and then hold it applying correctly those detailed in Level 2.

Emotions and Marketing - what emotion level are your customers on?

What kind of pictures should you use? Faces – they work best! Keep in mind, that people temporarily or chronically are at a certain emotional level. These levels range from the lowest level of apathy, to the highest level of total happiness. Depending on the emotional level of a person, they will react in different ways to the picture you used. An unhappy person in an apathetic state will not react in any way to the very happy person on your flyer – the distance and the difference is way too much. At the same time, a very happy person will not bother to read your poster if there is a person struggling with a problem on it – with no problems, there is no reason for them to stop and read it further.

So how do you know what type of facial expression to use on your marketing materials? The emotion on the poster or flyer should be as close to your customer's emotional state as possible. 

How can you be certain? The only way to find it out, is to test it. 

I give you an example: A hairdressing salon can test first with a picture of an unhappy woman with messy hair – and address the problem in the text too. Then after having a clear number on the response they got, they launch a new marketing material with a happy woman with glamorous hair – and address a woman's desire to look pretty. You might have your own opinion which one of these will get more responses, but the only way to find it out is testing. Marketing surveys can give surprising results many times. Doing surveys, testing regularly are the only way to find out how our customers think and feel – and then we can address their emotion in our marketing.

Enjoy your journey!

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