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Clippy the once-hated cartoon has become a 'badge of honour,' former Microsoft exec says

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Microsoft Clippy, the animated cartoon paperclip everyone loved to hate, is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Clippy is now being recognised as the trailblazer he was.

When Chloe Condon, a newly hired Microsoft cloud evangelist, ordered new business cards, she avoided the standard corporate look and instead went with Clippy-themed cards and tweeted them out.

They have got a picture of Clippy on the front and on the back they say, “It looks like you are trying to get in touch with Chloe,” with her contact info listed below. That’s a play on Clippy’s signature wording, “It looks like you are trying to …” when Clippy would then offer tips on whatever MS Office feature it thought you were trying to use.

Naturally, the Clippy The Paperclip Twitter account loved these cards. He tweeted, “@chloecondonIt looks like you’re using my likeness on your new business cards. Would you like help with WAIT I’M ON BUSINESS CARDS NOW?!” And then former Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky, the man credited for developing Microsoft Office into a massive hit, noticed the cards and tweeted, “I suppose if you live long enough, others will wear your failures as a badge of honour.”

For those that don’t know, Clippy was a cartoon character talking paperclip that pestered users of the late 1990’s version of Microsoft Office. He wiggled in the corner, jumping into the screen trying to be helpful, offering usage hints and tricks.

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