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Advertising 101: Advantages of leaflets

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While digital marketing dominates our screens, print advertising maintains the ability to capture the hearts and minds of audiences in way that digital cannot instantly placing your message in front of your reader.

Leaflets, particularly, can help you achieve a wide variety of business goals. Whether you’re launching a new product or raising brand awareness, they’re a convenient and visually-appealing tool to have in your marketing arsenal – read on to discover why.

Five advantages to using leaflets for your advertising 

There are many reasons to use printed leaflets for your next promotional campaign, here are our top five.


Leaflets are a highly affordable way to market your brand, especially when compared to other forms of print and digital advertising. For one, they can be ordered in bulk, which saves on printing costs and gives you a larger number of leaflets to distribute to your audience.

Additionally, the costs of handing out your leaflets are nominal. Aside from the expense of paying someone to give them away on the street, or at an event, there are no other associated outlays.

Not only that, unlike expensive spray-and-pray advertising campaigns, the low costs and distribution-control of leaflets mean you are more likely to see results with a minimal investment.

Full of information 

Leaflets offer ample space to effectively communicate your message to potential customers, without overloading them with information. There’s an extensive range of design options available, so you can choose the correct leaflet size for the amount of information you want to include.

Aspects such as the layout of your leaflet – whether it is mostly attention-grabbing images, predominantly text, or a mixture of both – can be altered to help the reader digest the information more easily.

Leaflet space can also be dedicated to useful information about your company. Apart from being an effective marketing tool for an individual promotion or product, leaflets allow you to include evergreen information like contact details, addresses, website URL’s and emails – acting almost like a business card.

Show off your creativity 

With leaflets, you have a blank canvas to really express yourself and your brand with a promotional campaign. Your artwork can be supplemented by different leaflet sizes, paper types and finishes – so making your design ambitions become a reality is easy.

Customisation options range from standard folded leaflets perforated edging designs, to luxurious laminated prints. With so much choice, it’s best to decide on the purpose of your leaflet, before you start designing.

For a big event, you can be creative with your artwork and fill your leaflet with bespoke imagery. If you’re introducing your brand, having a bigger leaflet which can fit more text-based information on may be more desirable. Whereas if your leaflet is offering a discount voucher, a perforated edge leaflet will allow your customers to rip off their discount voucher to cash in store.


The spike in digital marketing is undeniable, but with so much advertising noise online, tangible leaflets which consumers can hold in their hands are an effective way to cut through the noise.

Whether delivered to their doors or handed out on the streets, leaflets are a great way to grasp the attention of potential customers. Where an online advert or email might be scrolled past and forgotten in an instant, the physical format of leaflets means they can leave a lasting impression on your target reader.

The golden rule of a successful leaflet is a clear call to action, which encourages the receiver to engage with the contents. A simple reference to your website or contact details means your customer has a clear gateway to engage with your brand.

Target specific demographics 

One of the main advantages of printed leaflets, is that they can be tailored to suit your target audience’s needs and wants, using content that is customised for your customer base.

Before deciding on your final design, consider what your target audience would be most receptive to. That way you can help maximise the effectiveness of your leaflet. This also can be applied to where to distribute your leaflets also.

If you’re handing out in a small town, build a sense of community, by dedicating leaflet space to supporting local businesses or raising awareness about a local charity or fundraiser. In bigger cities, target working professionals by handing out leaflets at the train station on a morning or evening to catch commuters.

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