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What is Print Collateral? Does Your Business Need Them?

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Wondering what print collateral is?

Basically, print collateral materials are a collection of printed “leave-behind marketing materials”.

They can be utilised to support the product, service or event your company or business may be trying to promote.

Print collateral materials are part of a company’s marketing and advertising assets In today’s competitive landscape, you need to provide supporting information about your company’s products or services. Your business success may depend on how well you communicate what you have to offer. Printed materials give folks something tangible to read over. With the right information, it can assist towards closing a sale.

Types of printed marketing materials come in a vast array of sizes and formats. So depending on your needs, budget or promotion, there are many options available.

Print Collateral materials can include:

Marketing brochures Leaflets and pamphlets Direct mail, postcards Business cards and letterheads Newsletters Pocket presentation folders Thank-you cards Posters and flyers Sales sheets and more

Trade shows or other public facing events… Imagine you are participating in a trade show or other public facing event. If your booth is a blank slate, it’s going to be empty exhibit booth pretty unappealing to attendees. That big bowl of candy on your table may be enticing to folks but it will do little to remember you by!

However, if you doctor things up with a select group of printed materials that folks can take with them, it will be much more of a visual reminder of who you are.

Trade shows can be a bit hectic. Lots to see in a short space of time. Having “take-away” materials enables folks to visit your website or learn more about you more at a more leisurely pass. Doing so could lead to a collaboration down the road. So it’s better to have those pieces on hand than not.

No budget for a brochure? Try a Rack Card instead. rack-card and literature holders. A brochure may be more than you need and perhaps out of your budget. However, coming in at 4″x 9″, rack cards can be a less expensive yet viable option. They offer a good amount of space for images and text with whatever you may be looking to promote.

These little marketing pieces can work double-duty by acting as a mini-brochure. Inexpensive plastic stands are available which fit them perfectly without taking up too much real-estate on your table. Plus they fit in a standard envelope should you need to mail them.

We are happy to help you with all your Printing & Marketing needs at theleafletstore.ie

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